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moderna risonanza magnetica nucleare aperta 

The International Medical Center possesses a modern, open MRI scanner, a boon for anyone suffering from claustrophobia.
The scanner can be used to diagnose any kind of joint damage, whether as a result of accidents or other conditions affecting the locomotor apparatus, allowing doctors to decide on the most appropriate treatment for the individual patient. 

The International Medical Center is a modern private hospital in the center of the town of Livigno, offering a wide range of outpatient and specialist services.  The health care provided is of the highest quality, and focuses at all times on the specific requirements of each patient.

The facility’s staff is trained to a high level of specialization, and this combined with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment means that patients can be offered a range of services in the shortest possible time, without the necessity for transferring to other specialized centers. 

While the International Medical Center is particularly renowned for its avant-garde orthopedic and trauma unit, it has over the years matured a solid experience in other specializations from nuclear medicine, gynecology, cardiology and allergology to psychiatry and psychology, thanks to collaboration from top specialists in these fields. The Center is open all year, with care facilities available 24 hours a day.

Italian, English, German and Polish are spoken at the Center, facilitating the use of our services also by patients from abroad.

The International Medical Center is under the direction of Dr G. Grattarola. It has agreements with the major insurance companies, as regards both outpatient facilities and inpatient care. 

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